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Buy Dhaka to Rangpur bus tickets online

Dhaka to Rangpur is a route spread over 316 kilometers. Currently, Shohoz offers ten leading bus operators in this route. Operators include Nabil Paribahan, Haque Enterprise, S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd, Agomony Express, Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Hanif Enterprise, Manik Express, Dipjol Enterprise, Barkat Travels, and Khaja Travels. These operators provide Hino 1J Pluss, Non AC, AK1J, Non AC, AK1J Super Plus, Non AC, Hino, AK1J Super Plus, Hyundai Universe, AC Business Class, Hyundai Universe, AC, ISUZU, Non AC, Scania Business Class, VOLVO, AC, Scania, AC, AK1J Super Salon Chair Coach, AK1J Super Plus Deluxe Sleeping Chair Coach, and Hyundai Universe, AC Business Class branded bus services. With an average duration of 8-9 hours journey, depending on the road condition, bus ticket price for this route ranges from BDT 500 to BDT 1200, depending on the bus operator types.

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316 KM
Duration (Appx.)
9 Hrs
  • location Dhaka
  • location Rangpur
  • distance Distance 316 KM
  • duration Duration 9 Hrs

Bus operators and timings

Operator Services First Trip Last Trip
Nabil Paribahan 10 Trip(s) 07:00 AM 11:45 PM
Hanif Enterprise 0 Trip(s) 09:00 PM 09:00 PM
Haque Enterprise 3 Trip(s) 08:45 AM 09:30 PM
S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd 17 Trip(s) 06:45 AM 11:45 PM
Agomony Express 3 Trip(s) 08:00 AM 10:30 PM
Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd 18 Trip(s) 01:00 AM 11:30 PM
Saintmartin Travels 1 Trip(s) 08:00 PM 08:00 PM
Hanif Enterprise 24 Trip(s) 06:15 AM 11:45 PM
Manik Express 4 Trip(s) 08:30 AM 09:00 PM
Rozina Enterprise 6 Trip(s) 03:30 PM 09:00 PM
Hanif Enterprise 4 Trip(s) 09:15 PM 11:30 PM
Barkat Travels 3 Trip(s) 08:00 PM 10:00 PM
S N Paribahan 1 Trip(s) 09:15 PM 10:00 PM
Hanif Enterprise 33 Trip(s) 07:00 AM 11:45 PM
Shah Ali Paribahan 7 Trip(s) 08:30 AM 10:15 PM
ARAFAT Carrage Ways 2 Trip(s) 09:30 PM 10:45 PM
Burimari Express 3 Trip(s) 08:30 PM 10:00 PM
Heritage Travels 1 Trip(s) 10:00 PM 10:00 PM
Asad Enterprise 2 Trip(s) 09:15 PM 10:30 PM
46 Express Ltd 1 Trip(s) 09:45 PM 09:45 PM

About Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh, holding up to 180 million residents. With headquarters of all the major local and multinational companies, Dhaka city is the hub of all trade and commerce for the country. Major Commercial Areas of Dhaka are Motijheel, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Karwan Bazar. Over the years, the city has seen a lot of growing middle class families meaning higher consumer spending. Thus, the demand for leisure has increased as well!

About Rangpur

Being the most important city under the Rangpur Division, it is the commercial hub for the surrounding districts. With the growing importance because of its global positioning, the city has developed a number of banks, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other recreational centers. Some of the notable tourist attraction sites include: Tajhat palace, Town Hall, Jadu Nibash, Binodon Uddyan, and a lot of Jamidar baris.

Available Bus Operators

  • Abdullah Paribahan
  • Agomony Express
  • Akota Transport
  • Al-Mobaraka Paribahan
  • Alhamra Paribahan
  • Barkat Travels
  • Chaklader Paribahan
  • Comfort Line Pvt Ltd
  • Dhaka Line
  • Diganta Express
  • Diganta Paribahan
  • Dipjol Enterprise
  • Elish Paribahan
  • Emad Paribahan(Pvt.)Ltd.
  • Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd
  • Green Line Paribahan
  • Hanif Enterprise
  • Islam Paribahan
  • Kanak Paribahan Ltd
  • M M Paribahan
  • Manik Express
  • Nabil Paribahan
  • New S.B Super Deluxe
  • Ranga Provat Paribahan Ltd
  • Relax Transport Ltd.
  • Royal Coach
  • Rozina Enterprise
  • S.B Super Deluxe
  • S.R Travels (Pvt) Ltd
  • Sagorika Enterprise
  • Saintmartin Hyundai (Robi Express)
  • Saintmartin Paribahan Ltd
  • Saintmartin Travels
  • Shahzadpur Travels
  • Sheba Green Line
  • Sheba Transport
  • Shohagh Paribahan
  • Shoukhin Paribahan
  • Shuvo Bosundhara Paribahan
  • Shyamoli Plus Pvt Ltd
  • Shyamoli SP
  • Soudia Air Con
  • Soudia Coach Service
  • SP Golden Line
  • Star Line Special Ltd.
  • Tisha Group
  • Tuba Line
  • Tungipara Express
  • Year-71

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