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Sri Lanka Tour of Bangladesh

  • 15 Jan 2018 to 18 Feb 2018
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Srilanka Tour of Bangladesh 2018


Terms and Conditions

  1. Tickets of Srilanka Tour of Bangladesh between Bangladesh & Sri Lanka matches can be purchased from Shohoz.com website, 12th January 2018 onwards.
  2. Ticket selling for a match will stop on the website at 7 AM, the day before the match day, unless the time has been extended by Shohoz.com authority.
  3. Tickets are available only from Shohoz.com website - www.shohoz.com. Tickets are not available via app or call centre.
  4. No discounts are applicable on these tickets. All tickets are non-cancellable and non-refundable; no modifications are allowed on these tickets.
  5. Users need to pay for the ticket online and pick up the ticket at the Lotto outlets on the specified time slot of the date he/she had chosen on the Shohoz.com website at the time of ticket purchase. Shohoz.com will not be responsible for ticket delivery if the user does not pick up the ticket on allotted time slot on the chosen delivery date.
  6. Shohoz.com ("Ticketing Partner" authorized by Bangladesh Cricket Board) is only a ticket selling agent – it does not take any responsibility for the operation of the matches.
  7. Shohoz.com reserves the right to make changes in the ticket pick-up policy or alter the ticket pick-up location due to any unavoidable circumstances. However, Shohoz.com assures to communicate the same to users on-time.

Ticket Purchase Process

  1. Users can purchase a maximum of 3 tickets per mobile number or per photo ID card number.
  2. Select the match date, ticket category, number of tickets. Enter Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, and Photo ID Number (strictly National ID, Passport, Driving License or ID Card provided by schools, colleges). All the details are MANDATORY.
  3. Select the pick-up store location from the list of designated Lotto outlets.
  4. Choose from available pick-up dates and time slots.
  5. Pay for the ticket through credit / debit cards or bKash; Strictly, NO CASH PAYMENT option is available in any of the Lotto outlets.
  6. In case of payments via bKash, the transactions need to be verified by the user with these following steps:
    1. Users need to verify the bKash transaction STRICTLY within 1 hour of placing the ticket order or else the order will be cancelled automatically.
    2. Visit https://www.shohoz.com/events/booking/bkash-verify
    3. Enter your ticket number or your reservation ref. number which starts with BK.
    4. Enter your bkash transaction number
    5. If payment is successful, it will display a "Congratulations ..." message.
    6. Your e-Token will be emailed to you, which you must bring for ticket pick-up. (Email may get delayed in times of rush, so wait for a few hours)

Ticket Pick-up Process

  1. Required Documents: Users must bring the following at the time of ticket pick-up from Lotto outlets.
    1. MOBILE phone with the phone number used for ticket purchase; user will be asked to give a call to a certain mobile number at the pick-up point.
    2. eToken: Email copy or printout of the eToken emailed to the user by Shohoz.com on successful payment.
    3. The original photo ID entered on Shohoz.com site during ticket purchase and a photocopy of the same ID.
  2. Location of Pick-up
    1. STRICTLY, tickets will not be given from any location other than the one user had chosen while placing the order.
    2. Lotto - Elephant Road outlet is closed on Tuesdays.
  3. Date of Pick-up
    1. Users must pick-up the ticket ONLY on the date he/she chose at the time of ticket purchase.
    2. NO PICK-UP is available for the match on its match day, unless explicitly mentioned by Shohoz.com authority.
  4. Time of Pick-up
    1. Time for ticket pick up will be mentioned on the eToken.
    2. Users are strongly advised to collect their ticket within the allotted time slot. Shohoz.com will not be responsible for the cancellation of ticket(s) if user fails to collect the ticket within the due time or from the chosen location.